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Innovative state of the art milling techniques are used to sculpt and polish either translucent acrylic glass or solid surfacing to create a new luxury decorative surface: Wavepanel.

The three dimensional high relief structure is available in three different styles and in a range of colours. Open to a wide range of design applications, Wavepanel is ideally suited for partitions/screens, counter fronts, backlit wall panels, and more.

  • Premium bespoke product, manufactured and fabricated to order
  • Maximum sheet size: 3000 x 970mm
  • Standard thickness: approx. 9.5mm
  • Surface can be satinised, polished, or varnished in RAL colours
  • Panels can be laser cut, bonded, or thermoformed.

Please note: Samples are made to order and a charge may apply, so please contact us to discuss your project requirements, and for budgetary pricing, prior to requesting samples.


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Hotel restaurant bar front featuring Wavepanel GS 2000 Linear Structure Reception counter front featuring Wavepanel Alpine White

Fabrication Options

  • Thermoforming

Typical Applications

  • Wall & fascia decoration
  • Screens and partitions
  • Back bars

Structures: Options available

Wavepanel structure: Waves


Wavepanel structure: Linear


Wavepanel structure: Lens


Reversible Panels

Panels can be utilised with either face as the design surface - i.e. with the curved peaks and troughs of the waves offering a highly tactile finish, or with the smooth back of the panel providing a subtle interpretation of the gradation of the waves. The photo below shows the front surface of the panel (left) compared with the rear view of the panel (right).

Examples of Wavepanel colours

GS 1000 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 1000
Wavepanel GS 1000

GS 1000

Structure: Linear
GS 1701 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 1701
Wavepanel GS 1701

GS 1701

Structure: Linear
GS 1503 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 1503
Wavepanel GS 1503

GS 1503

Structure: Linear

GS 1502 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 1502
Wavepanel GS 1502

GS 1502

Structure: Linear
GS 1903 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 1903
Wavepanel GS 1903

GS 1903

Structure: Linear
GS 1402 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 1402
Wavepanel GS 1402

GS 1402

Structure: Linear
GS 2000 magnifying glassEnlarge imageEnlarged Wavepanel GS 2000
Wavepanel GS 2000

GS 2000 (rear view)

Structure: Waves